When Graphics Is Worth a Thousand Words

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a gorgeous example of graphics that advertises 10 medicines for each of the common seasonal ailments. I was so fascinated by the concept that I stood in front of it for several minutes. Because it is:

Clear. Concise. Cool.

Don’t you think? 🙂

18-04-2016 14-50-19

(The text reads 10 best seasonal offers)


Put Your Finger on Design

When reading, I’m always trying on ideas, researching how my work can benefit from literally anything. Designers are perceived as communication specialists. So are we, information developers. I stumbled upon Graphic Design for the 21st Century, and it inspired me to create these concept-cards, that will, maybe, resonate with you.

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Map Your Mind

Have you ever had an idea lingering in the depth of your mind surfacing from time to time just only to sink again before you can get a proper grip on it? Have you ever felt lost in the piles of thoughts scattered like puzzle pieces and needed to be systematized before you can compile them in a coherent picture? Have you ever started a new article and experienced a severe case of writer’s block when you look at the blank page and aren’t able to squeeze out a word?

If at least one of those does ring a bell to you, there’s a solution to your mind napping: master mind mapping.

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Infographics and Information Development: inform and entertain

Have you ever considered using infographics to communicate technical information to your audience?

In a world of multiple gadgets and social media, we have no time for lengthy content. Digital revolution has had its impact on our cognitive abilities, making us quick consumers of short chunks of information. This is where infographics comes into play, being able to inform while entertaining.

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