Video Projects: Pitfalls Awareness

Naval invasions. Your ships are well-armored and ready to clinch a glorious victory. Ships are protecting their home port and sinking damaged by enemy fire or by colliding with land. No retreat since you are engaged in this battle and you agree on a counterattack despite the disparity of forces. Fleets may be disbanded and re-assembled while in the home port, but feeling the sweet taste of victory. And now, when you think that the battle is over, you are still expected to protect your flank.

Sounds like a beginning of some nautical novel, but that’s how information developer’s work on some projects looks like. Frankly speaking, that’s how it looks like despite thorough rigorous planning. So consider planning as the most vital part of your project constituting 60 % of the whole work, but be ready to meet some challenges.

So when does all the fun begin?

You are quite used to a daily routine of preparing documentation being a crackerjack in the field. This time you were addressed to produce a simulation for a brand-new application which shouldn’t cause much trouble or take a lot of time. Sounds really easy, but be ready for some unexpected bumps and bruises. Continue reading