When Graphics Is Worth a Thousand Words

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a gorgeous example of graphics that advertises 10 medicines for each of the common seasonal ailments. I was so fascinated by the concept that I stood in front of it for several minutes. Because it is:

Clear. Concise. Cool.

Don’t you think? 🙂

18-04-2016 14-50-19

(The text reads 10 best seasonal offers)


Usability In Technical Documentation

Information developers are professional users of all sorts of technical documentation, and our experiences inevitably range from genuine pleasure to absolute disappointment.

Our trained eye immediately picks out the obvious typos or inconsistencies. But how come that some texts, though technically and grammatically correct, just do not work the way they are intended to? With all the rules and guidelines, we often forget about the most important focus of technical documentation – the user. So, what is this usability factor that makes a document easy to understand and work with?

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