What do you miss when you ignore industry conferences?

You are a writer, technical writer, technical communicator, information developer. Why should you care about IT or other industry-specific conferences if you have powerful conferences going on in TechComm?

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Writing for Web: Journey to Terra Cognita

In this post, I will try to tell you the story of my first experience with writing for web. This is the first part of my journey that covers the specific reading behavior of Internet users and techniques for satisfying the readers’ needs. Continue reading

10 Indispensable Traits of a Successful Information Developer

The world of IT and high technologies is constantly growing and expanding its horizons. IT has immersed into our lives so quickly that we can’t imagine our daily routine without technologies anymore: mobile phones, smart watches, e-books, laptops…

And every single gadget or application has supporting documentation that bridges the gap between technology and users and makes learning curve as smooth as possible. Technology is striving to become closer to people, and Information Developers (also known as Technical Communicators or Technical Writers) are the wizards who help bridge the gap.

Is there any silver bullet or golden set of characteristics for becoming a successful Information Developer?

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