5 TechComm Conferences Not to Miss in 2017

We all have different relationships with Technical Communication. For some of us it’s just started as love at first sight, for others it has been a long term relationship based on love and commitment. But all of us have been waiting for this perfect moment to be asked the question: Are you ready to carry out your New Year resolution and learn something new, grow professionally, and broaden your horizons? If yes, then pack your bags and make some room for good knowledge as the TechComm society prepared something astonishing for you in 2017. Conferences! Because everybody loves conferences, right?

Here is a list of some must-visits in 2017 located in Europe.

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Write The Docs Europe 2016. Takeaways

Ayeeeee @writethedocs again in beautiful Prague!

Thanks to the awesome organizers, speakers, and everyone with whom we talked the days away or even simply clinked glasses – this was a conference to remember!

And just what I remember most, it’s right here in this post.

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soap! 2016: Foamy Notebook

Now, we know Foamy the Squirrel is not the nicest pet… And he does not really like humans either.

But he does like foam, and that’s what soap’s all about.

So, he squeezed his grudgy squirrel self into pink and took off for soap! in Krakow.

He tried to make sense of all the techcomm talks he attended, and here’s his most memorable impressions.

Buckle up – it’s gonna be a Foamy ride!

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soap! and ETC

Breaking the 2016 Conference Ice: soap! and ETC

ELEKS InfoDevs have never been the ones to sit tight: always eager to go out and explore what’s there. And who’s there.

While 2015 was noticeable for our visit to Write the Docs conference in Prague and Kateryna Sasnyk’s soapconf talk, 2016 promises even more conferencing.

Already, we broke the ice by visiting two conferences at the same time: soap! on June 1–3 (Krakow, Poland) and ETC conference on June 2–3 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

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Write the Docs 2015, Prague