MadCap Flare: pain points and solutions

I work with the MadCap Flare tool on a regular basis. Namely, with two targets – the HTML 5 Help system and the PDF file. That presupposes that I deal with two outputs, two style sheets, and all my troubles are usually multiplied by two :). In this article, I want to share my pain points as well as possible solutions for them. So, here we go!

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The Future of Content Publishing or What I’ve Learned at the Evolution of TC

This year I had a marvelous opportunity to attend the Evolution of TC conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is an annual international event for all technical communicators with a focus on innovations in software documentation. Being a place for technical writers, information developers, translators, and everyone who is interested in technical communication, it gives an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas, learn new tendencies and trends, as well as grow network. Continue reading


To-do list before you publish a Word doc

Without a moment’s hesitation, I can name the most stressful phase of documentation development. It’s pre-publishing. The tension grows when you realize the importance of the release. You try to do your best, but very often the stress plays a trick with you. You neglect misprints, broken links, and messed up page numbering. And these minor mistakes can make a huge trouble for you.

To be sure that your document is of the superb quality, follow the pre-publishing checklist. It covers every troublesome aspect of document pre-publishing and will help you not to miss a thing.

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API: Value of Documenting Software Interactions

Have you ever come to realize how interconnected things are in the computer world today? There are dozens of operating systems and piles of applications out there, and their number grows each day at the speed of light. And the greater that number becomes, the more the need for interactivity gets.

Why would we care about software interactions? Well, imagine yourself having a night out with a gang of your pals. And suddenly you all decide to go to the movie tomorrow. The legend says that our ancestors in such cases were concerned about coming to the cinema two hours earlier, staying in line at the box office, and quite often still getting unlucky to run short of tickets available or, at the best case, get the aisle seats of the last row.

Today, we simply open a cinema app on our devices the moment we come up with the idea and become few swipes and a couple of taps away from getting the tickets purchased without even having to print them.

This is called the almighty API in full play.

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