Write the Docs 2018: Top 5 Things from Fifth Conference

This year’s Write the Docs conference in Prague marks the fifth year of great talks, amazing organization, and inspiring atmosphere. Looking back at the conference’s evolution, ELEKS InfoDevs would like to name five things that strike us the most. Continue reading


Instruction Whisperers: Halloween Kaleidoscope (Bite 1)

Technical Communicators (aka Instruction Whisperers) are haunted by a great deal of creepy/funny stories. Let us share some ghostly nightmares of our own.

By Lesia Zasadna

Be our guest and treat yourself to:

By Orysia Gaba

Jeez, what keeps you awake at night?


Docs+Support = AWESOME

Great Write the Docs talk Two Great Teams: Bridging the Gap Between Documentation and Customer Support by Neal Kaplan can help you discover docs-support teams potential.

Highlights of the talk:

  • Support team may help you build the culture of information sharing.
  • Why should you be curious about support cases/tickets:
    • “how to do something…” cases are practically yours.
    • learn about customers experience and expertize.
    • learn the language customers are using.

I myself collaborate closely with the support team on my project, and can totally testify that support team is none less than SME of your SMEs.

Enjoy the talk!

Yana Halaburka, Information Developer at ELEKS

Customers and Content

At the recent Write the Docs conference in Portland, I stood up on stage in front of 400 people and talked about why it’s important to work closely with your customer support team, and the benefits of doing so (besides getting to know your coworkers, of course!).

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soap! 2016: Foamy Notebook

Now, we know Foamy the Squirrel is not the nicest pet… And he does not really like humans either.

But he does like foam, and that’s what soap’s all about.

So, he squeezed his grudgy squirrel self into pink and took off for soap! in Krakow.

He tried to make sense of all the techcomm talks he attended, and here’s his most memorable impressions.

Buckle up – it’s gonna be a Foamy ride!

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soap! and ETC

Breaking the 2016 Conference Ice: soap! and ETC

ELEKS InfoDevs have never been the ones to sit tight: always eager to go out and explore what’s there. And who’s there.

While 2015 was noticeable for our visit to Write the Docs conference in Prague and Kateryna Sasnyk’s soapconf talk, 2016 promises even more conferencing.

Already, we broke the ice by visiting two conferences at the same time: soap! on June 1–3 (Krakow, Poland) and ETC conference on June 2–3 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

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Write the Docs 2015, Prague

It’s a Game. It’s a Tool. It’s Learning Battle Cards!

Bringing fun to you everyday work is a great solution to increase the team efficiency, engagement, and quality of the deliverables. Love the idea!

Write Spot

You’ve heard of gamification for delivering training, but what about gamification when developing training? Instructional designers like to play games too!

Introducing Learning Battle Cards. Due to be released around the end of September, these cards are going to make our job fun, collaborative, creative, and innovative.

You have years of experience. You have a proven, effective template. It’s made your job easy. All you have to do is plug in new content, slightly adjust the same old activities, and you are done. Sound familiar?

If you need help sparking those creative brainwaves back into action, the Learning Battle Cards may be your answer. No, I am not affiliated with Learning Battle Cards in any way, but when I read about them I got excited. I see a lot of potential for these cards at Radcom and for my clients. I think I will see more creative and innovative…

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Technical Communication A to Z

Sounds like fun 🙂

Leading Technical Communication

Last week Stan Carey, editor and blogger, gave us his A-to-Z of linguistics.

In the spirit of paying homage to Stan’s marvelous work, or maybe just in the spirit of crass plagiarism, I now present Technical Communication A to Z.

A is for agile, with scrums and with sprints;
B is for books, if you like yours in print.

dita-bird_0C is for content, which some say is king;
D is for DITA, it’s still evolving.

E is for editors, some gentle, some crusty;
F is for FrameMaker, solid and trusty.

G is for Google, our path to Page One;
H is for help systems, show how it’s done.

Jekyll software logo

I’d rather be writing is what I is for;
J is for Jekyll, which techies adore.

K is for KPIs, things that we measure;
L is for L10N, always a pleasure.

M is for Madcap, performing with…

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