Documenting APIs: Open-Source Tools Review

Have you ever been assigned a task to write API documentation, and then you got lost in tools for creating it?

If yes, I would like to share with you amazing research by Diána Lakatos who analyzed loads of info to provide us with a magnificent overview of open-source tools for documenting APIs.

However, before you dive into this exciting read, let us recall what API documentation is and why we need it so badly at our projects.

API (Application Program Interface) documentation explains how to use and integrate API, shows details about the API functions, classes, return types, arguments, and so on.

Documenting APIs on your project helps you to:

  • Improve experience for the developers using the API.
  • Onboard new users easily (internal developers or external partners).
  • Save lots of time as you no longer need to figure out how the API works.

And mark my words, these are only the first few ideas that came to my mind. Read more about gains from API documentation in our API: Value of Documenting Software Interactions blog post.

Anyway, I think it’s high time you experienced this research yourself and chose the API documentation tool that best suits your needs. To check out the research, follow Free and Open Source API Documentation Tools.

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