TechComm handy resources: Free fonts

From a TechComm newbie to a well-experienced pro, we all have hundreds of useful resources saved to our browser bookmarks, read-it-later apps, and bookmark managers. The series of posts TechComm handy resources is a humble try to organize my resources into a single easily accessible depository.

Today’s post is all about typography—free fonts that can be optimized and streamlined throughout the documentation design and engineering process. My top 8 recommendations are as follows.


An Adobe-owned network of sites and services offers a great variety of the most interesting, fresh, and contemporary free fonts in the world. To download and use them for free, just like them.

Google Fonts

An extensive catalog of more than 900 open-source web fonts is all
a technical communicator can wish for. The
Google font directory places typography front and center, inviting users to explore, sort, and test fonts for use in more than 135 languages. You can also create your own highly customized collections by filtering families, weights, and scripts, test color themes, and review a sample copy.


A collection of fonts you can browse by alphabet, style, author, or popularity. The site also contains FAQs and documentation on how to install fonts under different operating systems and use a new font for
a software or website, as well as useful links to instructions on how to create your own fonts.

Free Fonts

A variety of fonts with the possibility to preview your text, change color and size. The majority of fonts on this website are freeware, but a small percentage are shareware, so you must register shareware fonts if you decide to keep any.


Fast and free downloads of over 39 thousand fonts for personal or professional uses. As an extra benefit, check the site blog to help you to choose the right font–with individuality that stands out, a unique and fun, or a professional and pretty one.


A directory offering thousands of free fonts to help the technical communicators, designers, or other typography fans across the globe express their creativity with much more diversity. If you are interested in enhancing your own websites, documents, greeting cards, and more, browse popular fonts by themes, name, or style at FontZone and find the right font for you.

Font Bundles

The home of premium fonts and font bundles for all sorts of specialists from card makers to typography professionals. The site offers both commercial and free fonts sections and provides a brand new free font every week. All of free fonts are available to download instantly as soon as you have signed up for an account.


Over 3 thousand free fonts for commercial use with desktop and webfont licenses. The directory provides free fonts from four different sites—MyFonts,, Font Bros, and Fontspring—and suggests filtering by category, license, and website.

Stay tuned for more useful resources to spice up your content in our upcoming series of posts TechComm handy resources. We’d also love to hear about the directories of free fonts you use.

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