WTD 2018 – Unconference

Last week, I attended a fantastic tech comm conference – Write the Docs Prague 2018. Hosted for the fifth time in the beautiful city of Prague, WTD allowed me to meet, chat, and share the experience with the fellow tech writers, information architects, and information developers from all over the world. Exciting!

The structure of the conference allowed the attendees to participate in numerous activities such as:

  • Talks
  • Round-table discussions
  • Networking activities
  • Job fair

What surprised me the most were round-table discussions called Unconference. It worked like this:

  1. Each attendee could add the topic to the Unconference schedule indicating where and when the discussion would take place.
  2. As a listener, you could choose the topic that was of interest to you.
  3. You approached the right table and, voila, you were in the middle of the heated discussion.


The main thing that differentiated Unconference from the ordinary conference talks was that Unconference round-table discussions were more interactive and helped to network and share experience in a lively manner.

I have attended several discussions, and the following ones stood out:

  1. How to manage your time when multitasking

    Having tasks from different roles (for example, as an information developer and a localization specialist) can be hard to find a right balance to deliver your work properly. Thus, we decided to share our experience of how we tackle this issue. As a result, we enlisted the main points:

    • Prioritize your tasks.
    • Plan tasks by day, week, and/or month.
    • Set a specific day in a week for a certain task (for example, Tuesday is only for translation tasks).
    • Set a specific time in a day for a certain task (for example, from 16:00 till 17:00 I’m reviewing the structure of my document).
    • Create different profiles for different tasks (for example, Profile 1 in Jira is used only for technical writing tasks, while Profile 2 is used for localization ones).

  2. Tools we use in our daily work 

Here we shared various tools that are helpful in many aspects of content creation.

As for my first tech comm conference, I have been amazed at how such an event broadens your experience and gives you a unique possibility to immerse into the atmosphere of co-working. Here you can find great minds that think alike from all over the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Hope to see you at the next Write the Docs in 2019.  I am sure it will be fun 🙂

Want to learn what were the most exciting talks of the Write the Docs 2018? Check out our take on them.

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