UI in iOS alerts and dialogs

Why do we perceive some applications as clear, organized, and easy to use? How to phrase UI content in a way that supports the overall style of the development platform? Well, I’ve learned some great points from a fascinating lecture given by Bohdan Hrechanovskyi –– MacPaw UX copywriter.

Inspired by the lecturer, I would like to share with you some effective tips that will get you through the information mess while creating alerts and dialogs for iOS.

Using of capitalization

Proper capitalization highlights the most significant elements of the UI and helps the users to take the right action.

  • Use title-style capitalization for:


  • In title-style capitalization, don’t capitalize:


Yet, always capitalize the first and last word, even if it is an article or a preposition of four or fewer letters.

  • Don’t overcapitalize. Remember, too much capitalization may distract the user of your app. Like it distracted me when I saw the title of the following message:


Forming title & body

  • The title of the message should provide the most significant information. To make sure that it does, delete the body of the message and check whether you still understand what to do. If yes, bingo – you are there.


  • The body of the message provides additional information on the matter. Check whether the body of your message really gives you some additional details about the action that the user needs to take.


Renaming button names 

  • Rename the standard button name (‘No, Thanks’, ‘OK’) if the user needs to take some crucial decision (cancel some feature, deactivate account). For example, in the message below, we in our team decided to change ‘OK’ for ‘Deactivate’ to highlight the importance of the action that the user takes.


Adding quotation marks

  • Use quotation marks for variables within any interface texts (buttons, options).


To sum up, I hope that the ideas shared were interesting for you and will help you while working on the content for the iOS apps. If you have any other ideas how to improve your content, please share them in the comments section 🙂


Check out Apple Style Guide or Human Interface Guidelines to learn more about editorial guidelines for texts in Apple materials and UI.

Read our awesome MMoS vs Apple Style Guide: User interface article to finally understand the differences in terminology between two platforms.

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