Tips for creating a mobile help

Imagine that you need to create a mobile help but you have no clue how to start or what to do. No worries, my tips will help you make your first steps on this bumpy journey. ☺

Tips to follow:

  • Take into account the type of device. Knowing on which devices the app will be used will help you choose the needed type of a help system. I suggest using an HTML5 help as it allows creating responsive output for various devices.
  • Assign context sensitivity. With this awesome feature, your users will get from the place where they face issues directly to the needed topic in the help system. It will take longer to link your help system to the app but it is completely worth it!
  • Consider internet connectivity. Be on the safe side and make your mobile help available online and offline.
  • Organize content according to the target users. If your app is to be used by two completely different categories of users (let’s call them couriers and warehouse employees), consider splitting topics for these two categories. Couriers don’t need to look for info among topics for warehouse employees. ☺
  • Give less – get more. A mobile help is limited in space. Thus, you cannot display there the same amount of info as, for example, in an online help. Use your space wisely and provide only the most significant and relevant info.
  • Make your content scannable. Draw users’ attention to the most important info in a topic by formatting key words, dividing info into logical chunks, structuring content, and using lists. In most cases, users need to quickly locate the info that can help them solve their issue and get out of trouble.
  • Use cross-references to link related topics. Make sure that your users can easily navigate to additional and more detailed info in another topic. When linked properly, it should take users a second, not 5 minutes.
  • Organize your content smartly. To save space, illustrate your words with diagrams, use drops downs for detailed info, format screenshots as thumbnails, and use expanding text for explanations.

Hope my article was of value for you and will make your life and life of your users easier. If you have any other ideas about what is important for mobile help newbies, share them below in the comments. ☺

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