5 TechComm Conferences Not to Miss in 2017

We all have different relationships with Technical Communication. For some of us it’s just started as love at first sight, for others it has been a long term relationship based on love and commitment. But all of us have been waiting for this perfect moment to be asked the question: Are you ready to carry out your New Year resolution and learn something new, grow professionally, and broaden your horizons? If yes, then pack your bags and make some room for good knowledge as the TechComm society prepared something astonishing for you in 2017. Conferences! Because everybody loves conferences, right?

Here is a list of some must-visits in 2017 located in Europe.


When: March, 22-23

Where: Bologna, Italy

COMTecnica is a two-day event taking place for the 2nd time in a row in Bologna, Italy and is organized by tcworld GmbH in cooperation with tekom Europe and COM&TEC. The conference is targeted at professionals in the field of technical communication who are eager to learn and share their knowledge about the latest industry trends.

What to expect:

  • Main topic – Intelligent Information.
  • Exchanging current and future tools, methods, and procedures used to deal with the challenges in the time of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Just as they say: “Let’s implement the future together”.

Registration: Open now! Early bird discount until February, 28 – so hurry up!

What: Content Connections 2017

When: May, 15

Where: Berlin, Germany

Content Connections 2017 is an Acrolinx flagship event designed by content professionals for content professionals—content strategists, content marketers, marketing technologists, content managers, technical editors and writers, and all of the people who support content as a strategic asset of their business.

What to expect:

  • Main theme – The Power of High-Impact Content.
  • Expert talks, case studies, exchanging experience with peers.

Registration: Open Now. *Free of charge – wow, it sure doesn’t happen every day.


When:  June, 1-2

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Evolution of TC is a two-day conference taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria and is organized by tcworld GmbH in cooperation with tekom Bulgaria. Evolution of TC is the central meeting place for all professionals in the industry—technical writers, information developers, technical editors and translators, information architects, knowledge managers, product managers, consultants, mainly having a software background.

What to expect:

  • Central topic – Innovations in Software Documentation.
  • Sharing new developments and opportunities.
  • Networking and exchanging best practices with peers.

Registration: Coming soon. You still have a chance to become a speaker – Call for papers until March, 1.

Here are some impressions of the event by Information Developers.

What: Soap! 2017

When: June, 7-9

Where: Kraków, Poland

Soap! is an annual conference dedicated to product-related content. It is built by content professionals and brings a fresh perspective to the world of content and product development. Soap! goes beyond the already said & known – it reshapes your approach to content.

What to expect:

  • Main theme – Problem Solving (we know problems happen every day).
  • Sharing problems, issues, and challenges.
  • Discussions, sessions, searching for solutions, and many more.

Registration: Coming soon

Need some inspiration? Check out last year Soap! reports:

Breaking the 2016 Conference Ice: soap! and ETC

soap! 2016: Foamy Notebook

What: UA Europe 2017

When: June, 8-9

Where: Harrogate, UK

UA Europe is an annual conference for technical communicators that focuses on software user assistance and online help. It provides a unique update on the latest industry trends, technical developments, and best practices in software user assistance.

What to expect:

  • Mark Baker, Toronto-based guru, opening the conference with “Every Page Is Page One”.
  • Workshops, sessions, and networking with peers from more than 35 countries.

Isn’t it exciting? Indeed, it is.

Registration: Open Now. Discounts for groups and frequent attendees of TechComm conferences.

I’ve told you there are amazing things happening this year. Mark your calendars and be ready to meet the greatest minds of the Technical communication world. I know you are one of them.

Want to discover more events and opportunities happening in technical communication world, check this Tech Comm on a map created by FFEATHERS. Conferences, communities, groups, courses, and everything you need to know to be aware of the latest trends in the field of Technical Communication.

Doesn’t it look like heaven for us, information weirdos?

I do hope you made your mind for some of them and see you there!

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