Piktochart: limitations you need to be aware of

As advertised, Piktochart is a really easy-to-use infographic maker.

The story goes: I, an Information Developer, was asked to prepare a Case Study, quickly and in the form of an infographic. Sounds typical. But the branding dictates colors, size, opacity, and styling. Sounds like complex editing. Cheerful me took the friendliest tool and now can share my personal lessons learned.

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that Piktochart is not a pro graphic editor, nor it should be. But knowing these limitations may save you some efforts.

Before considering Piktochart, remember:

  • If you choose slide format, you cannot change ratio of the slide dimensions. For custom canvas ratio, you must choose infographic format and set the background.
  • You cannot upload images more than 2 MB. If you created some fancy elements in other apps and want to upload them, they must weight less than 2 MB.
  • Check the formats that can be imported/uploaded.
  • As there are no layers, when you are creating complex graphics, you would need to reshuffle all the elements to edit those on the background.
  • Object size can only be changed manually by scaling the size—no controls to define precise scale.
  • The high-quality resolution output is being rendered for hours. Really, I didn’t make it to the end of the rendering. But that’s for really high-resolution images. With output for web, you are safe.
  • Also, if you are working in an outdated browser or Internet Explorer, you may not be getting the clear picture. Beware 🙂

Benefits that might convince you to opt for Piktochart over a pro graphic editor:

  • Rich template base: infographic, banner, reports, and presentation formats.
  • Rich library of HQ images and icons.
  • Data import from a Microsoft Excel file, a Google spreadsheet, or a Survey Monkey account.

If you want to create a quality custom graphics, I’m afraid Piktochart is not the best choice. But if you want to get a quick and attractive infographics, and you are OK with the listed limitations, then Piktochart will welcome you with friendly UI and quite impressive results.

Some examples of infographics made in Piktochart:

Information Developer’s Bill of Rights

New Year Resolution 2017

STC 201 Certification Course|| Review


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