Tackling SEO with LSI Keywords

We, bloggers, dream to make our content visible, visited, and viewed. And even if we don’t think of SEO when starting our blogs, the time to look for tools for link building and keywords research always comes.

If you have already scratched the surface of the iceberg we call SEO or you just don’t want your website to be buried in the depth of Google search results, you surely need to know the notion of latent semantic indexing (LSI). And that’s when the article by Nikolay Stoyanov may be your first and foremost resource.

It totally lives up to its title (“Mastering SEO: The Complete Guide to LSI Keywords”) and provides a truly comprehensive overview of LSI, a concept that is usually overlooked.

Beside describing key LSI benefits, the article contains easy and to-the-point steps on how to use LSI keywords to increase findability of your website. It also enlists a ton of resources for further reading, which makes it an outstanding reference.

Dive in, try using LSI, and share your experience in mastering SEO!


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