Write The Docs Europe 2016. Impressions

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Exciting and well-organized conference this year! More than 240 documentarians in one place. Thanks for making this happen! @ThatDocsLady, @plaindocs, @ericholscher, @adriennefriend

Need to share some of the top ideas that impressed me.

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs If you don’t have documentation, you don’t have a product. @therealpadams, I can’t agree more!

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Great point by @therealpadams: The problem is Scrum. Think “Rugby”, where the Forward creates space, and the Backs are agile and get the ground.

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Handy tip by @therealpadams: Backlog clearance method: get TW tasks out of the engineering team efforts into a separate user story or backlog.

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs @sarahleeyoga offers to measure your self-service ratio: # of article views divided by # of support tickets created.

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Customer effort score: if it was too easy, it should have been self-service (=documentation). Second that, @sarahleeyoga!

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Support uses tags for incoming issues: How to, Bugs, and Feedback. Everything tagged with “How to” should be covered either by docs or UX. That should be of real help to InfoDevs! Thanks for sharing, @sarahleeyoga

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs For sure, using support data and tickets data lets you calculate and show ROI. Talk by @sarahleeyoga

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Dev goals with API docs according to the poll by M. Meng:

  1. What can I do with the API?
  2. What are the features (purpose) of the API?
  3. What’s the API architecture?
  4. How do I get the API up and running?
  5. How do I program with API?
  6. How can I test the code?

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs M.Meng did an awesome research and found that the top problem with API is incomplete or wrong docs. Unexpected discovery for me!

1474937889_square-twitter #writethedocs Developers scan: their eyes stop on headings, links, code blocks. Therefore, think of content-based classification, search, navigation. Need to keep this in mind!


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