The knowing-doing gap

Warning! I come bearing no answers. Just putting some questions you may find not comfortable facing.

Problem statement: you know all the best practices. But your result is far from being best.

Example 1: You know all the hyperlinks best practices. But somehow your document cannot boast of helpful working hyperlinks. It’s not exactly a hyperlink cemetery, but it’s not best-practices compliant.

Example 2: You are all reader-oriented, you crave to assist their user experience. With minimalism at heart and overall efficiency, your doc has clashing terms and is too cool to be understandable.

The gap between best practices and result is known as the knowing-doing gap.

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Why knowing is not enough?

Because knowing is not the same as exercising. There is YOU between knowing and exercising your knowledge.

What can be done about it?

Example 1 solution: just don’t use hyperlinks. Unless really vital.

Example 2 solution: talk about clashing terms…if you use term “shipment pickup” – for  collection by courier from the customer, don’t use the same term for customers self pick-up from delivery point. Just think about alternative, right?

Stop focusing on “10 tips to whatever”, act your way to the quality your reader needs.

Do not accumulate knowledge, set rules and follow them.

Fake perfection until you reach it.

Wait, was this an advice?..

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