User Assistance Inspector: 5-star hotel in Amman

Business trips take you places. And when your technical communicator mode is on (is it ever off?), beware, translators of restaurant menus and shop signs.

But what about the high-class institutions? Where’s the luxury, there’s usually a good service in good English. So let’s bury the linguistic hatchet and take this evaluation to the next level.

Today, I want to evaluate just how good the user assistance is in a 5-star hotel in Amman, Jordan.

And that would be Bristol Amman Hotel.

Right switch, left switch

Entering the room at close to midnight, I’m feeling the wall for light switches. There are 4, and I flick them all on – the room is big, who knows which lightbulbs they light up.

Well, the reception below probably spent a good couple of days wondering how a person can want to not be disturbed and the room to get cleaned up at the same time.

light switches

It wasn’t until the fourth day when I noticed the little inscriptions on two of the switches.

Another good reason not to throw in the towel

Heading in beeline for the bed to get some sleep and crashing onto this.

environmental initiative

The initiative is superb. But come on, not a single illustration?

Keep it secret Frodo, keep it safe

Some commotion outside. Woken up by a false sense of insecurity.

Looking for a safebox to hide the essentials – money, keys, passports, rings. And one Toblerone, just in case things get real real bad.

Ah, now there are my visuals!

Chewing on Toblerone (my reward for finding the perfect instruction) and pondering how Caps Lock is not always that bad.

safebox instruction

Exploring the area

Morrrning! Time for breakfast (Toblerone didn’t really count, right?)

Hmm, got a letter. Hope it’s not from Gandalf – I was planning for some more sleeping in later.


Both attractions and their locations are bold – good thinking. Only, sports bar and panoramic view are somehow not highlighted.

And could be more specific with ‘various facilities’.

Still, written with warmth and personal touch.

Roll, drag, latch

Nice piece of machinery for hanging clothes to dry. And good explanation, too.

line for drying clothes

A while ago, I’d have argued that it’s better to stick to one term – ‘tighten’ or ‘lock’. But experience says, ‘tighten’ is a difficult word, so be diverse: rephrasing is just the thing!

The first case of User Assistance Inspector appeared not that difficult to solve: all instructions were very reasonable and understandable.

Take up the challenge – write to us about your own evaluations!

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