Breaking the 2016 Conference Ice: soap! and ETC

ELEKS InfoDevs have never been the ones to sit tight: always eager to go out and explore what’s there. And who’s there.

While 2015 was noticeable for our visit to Write the Docs conference in Prague and Kateryna Sasnyk’s soapconf talk, 2016 promises even more conferencing.

Already, we broke the ice by visiting two conferences at the same time: soap! on June 1–3 (Krakow, Poland) and ETC conference on June 2–3 (Sofia, Bulgaria).

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soap! 2016, Poland

soap! conference overview

Iryna Sushko

With the conference headline being ‘The best content conference in Central and Eastern Europe’, you can never know what to expect. Yet when the participants themselves nag the organizers about making it ‘The best content conference. Period’, that pretty much decides it all 🙂

Finding 3 reasons to visit soap! is a breeze – the stunning Krakow you get to visit, the awesome folks around you, and the variety of topics you get to discuss (the good old tech writing, user research and user experience maps, the Internet of Things, marketing, gaming docs, DITA, and so much more). Oh yeah, and the giveaways, never forget about the giveaways)

Huge thanks to the conference organizers for pulling off this wonderful event!

eleks infodevs at soap! 2016

Oksana Sukh

Audience all ears, absolutely fascinated by this year’s seasoned speakers and a great variety of topics to keep you in the loop – these are just a few impressions about an awesome, cutting-edge soap! 2016 conference. Accompanied by the beauty of Krakow and well-thought-out venues (the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology and Krakow Technology Park), soap! provides a perfect ground for technical writers, in particular, and IT-specialists, in general, for sharing their knowledge in a friendly warm atmosphere.         

Still feeling inspired by so many people who are so deeply immersed in their work.

eleks infodevs at soap! 2016

Lesia Zasadna

Let me recommend you a techwriter paradise. 🙂

Stimulating workshops, energizing talks, (trying in vain not to sound shallow but) awesome giveaway stickers, great networking spots, (not that there were any issues but) approachable organizers be like let-me-take-care-of-it… And so not least – great people to be around.

Gosia Radymiak, Piotr Milewski, Aga Tkaczyk, Karolina Karbarz – I don’t know how you guys do it but you do it well! Looking forward to soaping around next year. 🙂

ETC 2016, Bulgaria


Iryna Boliubakh

What I love about attending the conferences most, is the waves of inspiration that flood my mind weeks after. This year, I visited the Evolution of Technical Communication for the first time, and needless to say, I was stunned how rich and eventful those two day were. Intelligent information, rule-based and structured writing, video documentation, career building tips – all that and more was shared, and discussed, and even practiced. The organizers team did a truly wonderful job to gather so many talented people. With the majority of participants being from Bulgaria, for me it was very inspiring to witness what a local community can achieve. I hope that soon we will hold such an event in Ukraine J


Natalia Savchyn

“…the most productive and super informative couple of days spent in the capital of sunny Bulgaria. ETC 2016 Conference was a great chance to dive into a wonderful atmosphere brought into being by experienced technical communicators who represented a number of world-known software companies.

In particular, I enjoyed and found absolutely invaluable the expertise shared by Lukasz Gornicki, who is a representative of SAP Hybris in Poland. Not only did he make an explicit overview of his background in microservices, but also managed to vividly expose his own methods of documenting REST API.

DITA, instructional videos, web analytics for documentation, and other hot-button topics were raised and discussed during 2-3 June in Sofia. It was totally worth visiting..”


Follow us to get a first-hand insight into Write the Docs 2016 (September 18–20, Prague).

And stay tuned for our expert Kateryna Sasnyk giving her talk at TC World 2016 (November 8–10, Stuttgart)!


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