4 free iOS apps to make your TechComm life easier

TechComm world offers you a lot: constant inflow of knowledge and discoveries; a possibility to be at the wellspring of the newest technology; a chance to be the mediator between a developer, business, and a software user; a pleasure to be a part of a team and contribute into the mutual success; quite a number of directions to move further on within the field and build your career… Please, resume the list if I haven’t mentioned what motivates you to perform as an Information Developer.
But it also requires much from you in return: nonstop development of your professional skills, commitment to your responsibilities, perfect time management, rock-solid attention to details, self-organization, and strong focus on your tasks.

Not always we manage to fulfill all of those multiple requirements due to various reasons, and the main of them is – we’re people, thus far from being perfect. You cannot fix that entirely, no. But! You can influence that significantly and improve your performance at work by dozens of times. Luckily, the endless world of technology (the one that you love being part of so much) offers you quite a range of helpful software that may discreetly accompany your daily tasks and become an indispensable aid in your every-day life.

I’d like to share with you my personal most helpful have-them-or-stay-disorganized-forever iOS apps that make my TechComm life easier.


blog_trelloA perfect app for both project tasks management and personal planning. Initially created as a web version, Trello allows you to:

  • Share boards and lists of action item cards with a team
  • Assign people to particular tasks
  • Collaboratively work within a single board
  • Set deadlines
  • Send notifications
  • Prioritize your tasks by swiping cards up and down in the list
  • Move your cards, say, from the Planned column to the In Progress column
  • Track logs of changes easily, and many more.

Trello is a perfect app to plan your TechComm tasks for a day, a week, or a year. Being a couple of taps away, it may painlessly replace your favorite personal organizer. Plus, whenever needed, you can swiftly share your notes with anyone, as well as let them contribute.

Its basic configuration is shipped free, however, provided your team outgrows the free version, you may very well think of purchasing the Business Class version of Trello, as it provides integration with GitHub, Salesforce, Google Drive, Evernote, and other software.

Be Focused

blog_befocusedDo you often get distracted from writing? Does all that social networking in the neighboring tabs of your browser window seduce you every 5 minutes? Do you feel tempted to comment on each of those subtle jokes thrown in the room by your witty teammates? Do you sometimes have a feeling that you would have finished an entire user guide today, if it had not been for all those annoying distractions?

Well, check out Be Focused then.

Surprisingly, this 40-MB ‘ticking bomb’ on your screen can keep you focused purely on your writing for as long as you set it. The app allows you to plan your daily tasks and occasional social networking breaks by setting time frames for each of the items.

You may think: why the heck would I obey that little confining app that is rated 4+ in the App Store?

And I’m gonna say: give it a shot. Once your timer is on – you become humbler than the dust and actually get your tasks done by the end of the day.

Mind Vector

blog_mindvectorWe are writers, and the attribute ‘technical’ that precedes does not exempt us from the need for inspiration and favorable time and environment to brainstorm our thoughts and do a spell over our deliverables. Therefore, you never know when the best idea strikes your mind – on your way to work while being stuck in traffic or on a Sunday morning when you’re still in bed mentally begging for a cup of coffee.

In cases like that, it is more than convenient to have the Mind Vector app at your arms length.

In a landscape view, the app helps you effortlessly create your mind maps: name, color, and connect an unlimited number of blocks, and then export your map into the PDF or CSV file formats.

Of course, the more you let your imagination go wild – the bigger screen you need to mind-map efficiently. But if that irritating morning traffic takes no longer than 10-15 minutes, your iPhone screen will do just fine.

Voice Record

blog_voicerecorderEach and every technical communicator has experienced in their life hard times interviewing their SME. Well, it might be due to either complexity of the topic, or a subject matter expert being a hard nut to crack, or anything else, to be honest.

What comes handy here, is a convenient and full-featured voice recording app.

The one that has been consuming 30 MB of my phone storage for a while now is Voice Record Pro.

Record your SME, trim and apply edits to your records straight away as needed, easily export them into the most convenient to you formats, save them to your cloud storage, and that is by far not all you can do.

Obviously, there’s much more other help out there in the App Store. So, be agile, adjust easily, use what the world of software has to offer, and organize your work in the most efficient way.


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