Metrics: useful resources

Sooner or later, each seasoned Information Developer starts wondering whether the quality of content produced can be measured. And so do Information Development Managers. However, in addition to content quality metrics, managers care about one more aspect—measuring the productivity of their department in order to improve and streamline their team efforts.

Thus, when thinking of developing and introducing metrics in your organization, you should think of at least two metrics to assess:

  • Content quality
  • Work productivity

Of course, this is not the exhaustive list, and you can measure anything in the world. Just analyze the issues you encounter, think of the areas you can improve to bring benefit to your customers or company, and develop a system for measuring the current state. Also, don’t forget about setting the golden value to aspire to as without a success bar in front, your metrics may lack motivation.

This post contains the resources I found useful and informative when researching this area. Hope, they help you as well!

Metrics Definition

Metrics for Content Strategy

 Documentation Metrics

E-Learning Metrics

Metrics in Estimation

DITA Metrics

Web Analytics for Documentation

Project Metrics

Have you got any other valuable resources or thoughts to share? Please do! 🙂


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