Write the Docs!

Should you? You sure should. What’s better than combining the reasonable & the pleasurable and spending a couple of days in a charming city together with a bunch of fellow thinkers? Still don’t know what we’re hinting at? It’s Write the Docs 2015.

This year, it was Prague, the city of unique architecture and enchanting spirit we fell in love with. And it was two amazing days when summer turns into fall and the experience of others turns into your own new ideas.

It is hard to convey our joy, excitement, thrill, and delight as the conference exceeded all our expectations. Here, we share our strongest impressions, and look forward to another great conference in 2016.

Thanks to Eric Holscher, Mikey Ariel, Nick Blanchet, and all of the conference organizers for making this great event happen!

Eleks Team at Write the Docs 2015

Eleks team at Write the Docs 2015, Prague

Lesia Zasadna

With its strongest sense of community ever, Write the Docs turned out to be so much more than your regular get-together-for-knowledge-sharing event. Tantalizing talks, amazing hangouts, and what a feeling to have the value of information development sincerely backed up by the most unexpected allies – software developers!

Inspired more than ever to have fun in my documentation and documentation in my fun!

Iryna Sushko

Want three reasons why it’s a good idea to attend Write the Docs?

Strike one. Cut-out-the-nonsense and up-to-the-point experience shared by real professionals who do a real job in the sphere. Just two days of presentations but you’ll still be remembering them even six months later.

Strike two. It’s not just your average Information Developer that you come across, it’s so much more. Support specialists, software developers (yes, you’ve read it right), designers – all sorts of people who deal with documentation in a variety of its forms. And everyone is passionate to share, to learn, and to support. And of course, to document)

Strike three and you’re out! Why? Community. Rather, COMMUNITY. Yes, it’s that open-minded and encouraging.

P.S. I’m already putting the next year’s meetup in my planner 🙂

Iryna Boliubakh

It was a genuinely thrilling experience to visit a beautiful city and delve into the world of content creation. For two days, Prague let us being immersed in the world of ancient bridges and valuable ideas, amazing castles and interesting approaches, posh city malls and practical advices. I was enamored with the sense of appreciation that enveloped the community and definitely plan to join the event next year.

The cherry on top was the feeling that appeared right after the first talk: start applying everything I heard in practice as soon as possible. I returned home not only with a suitcase full of souvenirs but also with the mind bursting with ideas on how to better do what we all enjoy most: deliver quality content.

Kateryna Sasnyk

Every time you go to a conference, you expect to learn something new, get new ideas, and meet great professionals in the industry. However, this was not the case with the Write the Docs conference in Prague this year. This conference turned out to be a complete mindblower for me! And here are only some insights that dawned on me:

  • Meeting developers who care about documentation. I may sound strange, but on this conference, I expected to meet a lot of Technical Writers who insist on the importance of documentation, instead – I met a lot of amazing developers who care about documentation and who persuaded me that documentation is an inherent part of any project. And that was just groundbreaking!
  • “Documentation is not the cherry on top of the cake – it’s the cream that gives taste to the cake and integrates it into one piece”, Paul Adams objected to me. And that was the moment when the things just got to their places in my head. Underestimating technical documentation on the projects is just not caring about the end users at whom the software product is targeted.
  • Technical Writers should not be afraid to take part in the developer’s conferences. In fact, many developers would love to learn more about the area of technical documentation. They know it’s important, but due to our timidity and passiveness, they just do not feel they can rely on us in this matter. So, don’t be afraid to get out of your shell and attend more various conferences to talk about documentation and how we can collaborate to create great and user-friendly products.

These are just a few things that hit me. In fact, I’m still under this impression of meeting so many smart and professional people from different industries who cherish documentation in their work.

Mariana Kuchynska

For me, Write the Docs was a lot of useful info, great people, and fun, of course. Yet the most important giveaway is the strong belief that “Documentation does matter!”, and not only to “content” people, but for a wide range of IT specialists.

We are not alone in this rapidly changing and such demanding IT universe! We belong to the community of dedicated professionals who acknowledge the importance of good quality content products and know how to have fun sharing experience.

P.S. Amazing venue every year 😉

See you next year, guys!!!
And, of course: Write the Docs!


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