It’s a Game. It’s a Tool. It’s Learning Battle Cards!

Bringing fun to you everyday work is a great solution to increase the team efficiency, engagement, and quality of the deliverables. Love the idea!

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You’ve heard of gamification for delivering training, but what about gamification when developing training? Instructional designers like to play games too!

Introducing Learning Battle Cards. Due to be released around the end of September, these cards are going to make our job fun, collaborative, creative, and innovative.

You have years of experience. You have a proven, effective template. It’s made your job easy. All you have to do is plug in new content, slightly adjust the same old activities, and you are done. Sound familiar?

If you need help sparking those creative brainwaves back into action, the Learning Battle Cards may be your answer. No, I am not affiliated with Learning Battle Cards in any way, but when I read about them I got excited. I see a lot of potential for these cards at Radcom and for my clients. I think I will see more creative and innovative…

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