Information Architects vs. Information Developers: Who is Who?


Being Information Developers, we occasionally hear how clients refer to us as “Information Architects”. Most people reckon that an Information Architect and an Information Developer are interchangeable job titles and there is no difference between them in terms of duties. But is it right? Let’s dig deeper and find out more about who is who. Continue reading


Structuring the unstructured

Being a completely green Information Developer, I got confronted with a bulk of Knowledge Base data scattered across folders, topics, and a complicated tree-view model. How did I feel? Like a librarian with stocks of books that not only should be put in the right place and grouped logically but also easily found later on.

So many items, but where do you start?

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Technical translation: lessons learnt

Any company operating in the international market simply cannot do without a Technical Translator. So, how can Technical Writers aid their companies in this matter? Well, by targeting their content at different audiences in different markets, Technical Writers often have to cooperate with localization specialists and deal with translation. But is technical translation such a seamless task? Let’s dig into its depths and try to come up with the best tips to follow whenever the task arises. Continue reading

Book review: Logic made easy. How to know when language deceives you?

Logical thinking is high on the list of qualities expected from any Information Developer. But what exactly is “being logical”? If my writing is seemingly clear and makes sense to anyone who reviewed it, am I thinking logically? My layman’s definition of “logical” used to be “making sense”, but recently the book Logic made easy has come my way and added a lot to my understanding. Continue reading

Guide to lightweight docs: layout & structuring tips

Reception of your content largely depends on the first impression that it creates for your audience. Within milliseconds of interaction with your document, your users decide whether this is an instruction that is likely to help them work or make their head hurt.

Discover a few simple illustrated tips on how to style your content in a modern and light way!

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